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Israeli demolitions displace dozens of PalestiniansAl Jazeera English

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Refugee school gives respite to children in Greek camps (Photos by SOOC’s Nick Paleologos) – Al Jazeera English

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Hungary’s border war on refugeesAl Jazeera English

Israeli soldier filmed shooting dead Palestinian on the groundAl Jazeera English

Hungary sentences refugees for breaching border fenceAl Jazeera English

Syrian refugees mark five years of uprising in Germany Al Jazeera English

Hungary’s criminalized homeless struggle to surviveAl Jazeera English (Photos: Sorin Furcoi)

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Checkpoints and roadblocks: Stuck on the refugee trail Al Jazeera English

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Syrian rebel leader killed in Golan car bombingAl Jazeera English

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Anger as UK moves to ban Israeli settlement boycott Al Jazeera English

Palestinians in Gaza mass for rare Rafah border openingAl Jazeera English

Israeli Knesset to vote on divisive NGO billAl Jazeera English

Netanyahu seeks to suspend Palestinian politicians Al Jazeera English

Syrian journalists struggle to make ends meet amid warAl Jazeera English

Egypt detains Somalian refugee child for six months Al Jazeera English

US anti-Islamic bills create ‘environment of fear’  – Al Jazeera English

Italian scholars boycott Israeli academic institutionsAl Jazeera English (With Dalia Hatuqa)

Israeli guard shoots dead 13-year-old Palestinian girl Al Jazeera English

Israeli settler attacks deepen fears among PalestiniansAl Jazeera English

Israel razes Palestinian homes in key area of West Bank Al Jazeera English

Greek anarchists organise for refugees as ‘state fails’ Al Jazeera English

Hunger-striking Palestinian reporter’s appeal rejected Al Jazeera English

Palestinian journalist ‘nearing death’ in Israeli jail Al Jazeera English

Nearly 400,000 Syrians go hungry in besieged areasAl Jazeera English

Sweeping police raids target Palestinians in Israel Al Jazeera English

Palestinian evades Israel extradition in Sofia embassy Al Jazeera English

Assad forces ‘build up’ troops in Syrian Golan Al Jazeera English

Palestinians in Israel accuse Netanyahu of incitementAl Jazeera English

Life-jacket mountain a metaphor for Greece’s refugeesAl Jazeera English


Greek anarchists cook in solidarity with refugeesAl Jazeera English

Standoff over Syria regime’s pullout demand Al Jazeera English

Evacuation from Syria’s Yarmouk camp paused Al Jazeera English

Palestinians defy Israeli ban on Jerusalem entry  – Al Jazeera English

Israeli wedding party celebrates Dawabsheh killings Al Jazeera English

Despair and anguish for Moroccans stuck on Greek border Al Jazeera English

‘Afghan refugees aren’t fleeing by choice’ Al Jazeera English

Palestinians in Knesset decry call to ban Arab partyAl  Jazeera English

Rights groups decry Israeli comments on Dawabsheh caseAl Jazeera English

Israeli army kills two Palestinians in refugee camp raid Al Jazeera English

Refugees in Bulgaria: ‘Extortion, robbery, violence’ Al Jazeera English

Anger in Greek refugee camp after Idomeni evictionAl Jazeera English

Dashed dreams on the Macedonian border Al Jazeera English

Macedonia border closure leaves refugees hopeless Al Jazeera English

On the shores of Lesbos: Boats, dinghies and life vests Al Jazeera English

Refugee boats to Greece persist despite winter chill Al Jazeera English

Meet the Iranians turned away by Macedonia Al Jazeera English

Q&A: ‘We are being evicted because we’re Palestinians’ Al Jazeera English

Israel to displace thousands of Palestinian BedouinsAl Jazeera English

Israel draft law allows jail for Palestinians aged 12Al Jazeera English

Mass raids after Paris attacks spark civil rights fears Al Jazeera English

Islamophobia of US candidates hits ‘9/11 hysteria’ Al Jazeera English

Mosques vandalized as US states ban Syria refugees Al Jazeera English

‘Islamophobia’ soars as US governors shun Syria refugees Al Jazeera English

Israel places travel bans on Islamic Movement leadersAl Jazeera English

Sudanese refugees shot dead on Egypt-Israel border Al Jazeera English

Lebanon military tribunal sentences armed group leaders Al Jazeera English

US guards ‘taunt hunger-striking asylum seekers’ Al Jazeera English

Egypt military extends reporter’s arrest amid criticismAl Jazeera English

Egypt army destroys dozens of Gaza tunnelsAl Jazeera English

Israeli forces and settlers besieged HebronAl Jazeera English

US urged to free immigrant female hunger strikersAl Jazeera English

Israel arrests Palestinian teenagers over Facebook postsAl Jazeera English

Syria government bombs Douma despite use of human shields Al Jazeera English

FBI website to prevent ‘extremism’ targets US MuslimsAl Jazeera English

Israel passes ‘minimum sentence’ for stone-throwersAl Jazeera English

Israeli bill to label NGOs as ‘foreign entities’ Al Jazeera English

Israeli rightists push for takeover of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound Al Jazeera English

Israel razes Palestinian village in Negev for 90th timeAl Jazeera English

Mass rallies in Hebron as Israel withholds bodies Al Jazeera English

Planned Parenthood battle heats up after Texas raidsAl Jazeera English

Israeli gunfire leaves two more Palestinians dead Al Jazeera English

Scores of Palestinians injured in Gaza and the West Bank Al Jazeera English

Israel using ‘excessive force’ on Palestinian children Al Jazeera English

Arrests of Palestinians in Israel soar amid crackdownAl Jazeera English

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces across West Bank Al Jazeera English

Deaths as Palestinians mark ‘Day of Rage’ Al Jazeera English

Israel to revoke Jerusalem residency of PalestiniansAl Jazeera English

‘All options are open’: Will Gaza join the uprising? Al Jazeera English

Palestinian teen killed in West Bank as clashes rage Al Jazeera English

Meet the Lebanese fighting next door in Assad’s armyAl Jazeera English

Israeli forces accused of shooting at press Al Jazeera English

Palestinians targeted by ‘surge’ of settler violenceAl Jazeera English

Al-Aqsa tensions trigger clashes across West BankAl Jazeera English

Mass hunger strike looms against Israeli detentionAl Jazeera English

PA urges UN inquiry as Palestinians bury slain teenAl Jazeera English

Lebanese communist fighters gear up to battle ISIL Al Jazeera English

Double displacement: Palestinians flee violence in Syria, then LebanonThe Electronic Intifada

‘Death is part of our daily lives’: Yarmouk typhoid outbreak spreadsSyria Deeply

Palestinian refugees seek lasting peace in Lebanon’s Ain al-Hilweh Al Jazeera English

Palestinian journalist recalls torture by Syrian jailers The Electronic Intifada 

Nusra and ISIS assassinating Palestinian political leaders in YarmoukSyria Deeply

Syrian youth ‘hopeless, isolated and disenfranchised,’ says Mercy Corps reportSyria Deeply

Plan to create Muslim cemetery sparks uproar in Texas cityAl Jazeera America

Battle over Texas confederate monuments heats up Al Jazeera English (Photos by Shaghayegh Tajvidi)

Aleppo water crisis puts Syrian children at risk of disease and illness, says UNICEFSyria Deeply

World ‘accustomed to slaughter’ in Syria, says Human Rights Watch Syria Deeply

All factions in Syria ‘must do more to protect civilians,’ says Human Rights WatchSyria Deeply

Syrian enduring ‘mass exodus’ of journalists, says Committee to Protect Journalists Syria Deeply

Golan Druze angry and fearful as Israel weighs Syria ‘safe zone’ for refugees Syria Deeply

UNRWA — Palestinians in Yarmouk enduring ‘beyond inhumane’ conditionsSyria Deeply

West Bank museum to ‘keep Palestine’s memory alive’Al Jazeera English

Interview: Syrians facing ‘multiple displacements’ as humanitarian crises mount, says ICRC presidentSyria Deeply

Palestinian jailed by Israel ‘could die,’ says family Al Jazeera English

Israel’s arrest of Palestinian lawmaker ‘a farce’ Al Jazeera English

Israel ‘minimizing Palestinian presence’ in Jerusalem Al Jazeera English

“Only our mothers supported us,” says former Palestinian prisonerElectronic Intifada

Palestinian Bedouins ‘live the Nakba every day’ Al Jazeera English

Israel jails Palestinians for Facebook commentsAl Jazeera English

Palestinians campaign for Israel’s FIFA suspensionAl Jazeera America

Student activists in the West Bank facing crackdown by Palestinian AuthorityVICE News

Pregnant Gaza woman blocked from  joining husband in AustraliaElectronic Intifada

Israel continues to criminalise marking Nakba DayAl Jazeera English

Palestinians in Israel camp for Right of ReturnAl Jazeera English

Palestinian village fights to survive as Israel sends in bulldozersElectronic Intifada

‘We’ll die before they make us leave’: Lebanese Christians are ready to face Islamic State on Syria borderVICE News (coauthored with Dylan Collins)

Assyrian Christian refugees looking for ‘quickest way’ out of Syria Syria Deeply

Syrians fleeing violence by boat risk death on smugglers’ boats Syria Deeply

Palestinians in Israel strike over home demolitionsAl Jazeera English

In photos: Cracking down on militants in a Palestinian refugee camp in LebanonVICE News (Photos by Dylan Collins)

Gaza  fallout: ‘I cannot understand these crimes’ Al Jazeera English

Tripoli: a microcosm of Syria’s war in LebanonDeutsche Welle

Israeli courts convict hundreds of Palestinian childrenAl Jazeera English

Arrested on Christmas Day, 15-year-old Palestinian remains behind Israeli barsElectronic Intifada

Palestinian armed groups reject IS in GazaDeutsche Welle

In photos: Gaza fishermen “in God’s hands”Electronic Intifada (Photos by Ezz Zanoun)

Gaza’s armed groups gear up for next fight with IsraelMiddle East Eye

Netanyahu claims “great victory” in Israeli electionsAl Jazeera English

Israel elections 2015: The CandidatesAl Jazeera English

Israel votes in poll seen as a referendum on NetanyahuAl Jazeera English

Israel polls set to open in key electionAl Jazeera English

Infographic: Israel’s cost of livingAl Jazeera English

Israel to head to polls in elections too close to call Al Jazeera English

High cost of living under fire ahead of Israel voteAl Jazeera English

Palestinian activists push for vote boycott in IsraelAl Jazeera English

Hunger strikes are a thorn in Israel’s side, says ex-prisonerElectronic Intifada

Gaza fishermen: a life under attackAl Jazeera English (Photos by Dylan Collins)

Gas deal with Israel is “knife in Jordan’s throat,” say campaigners Electronic Intifada

One in five of Gaza’s herders ceases farming amid Israel’s attacks, siegeElectronic Intifada

Palestinian farmers endure “constant war” in GazaAl Jazeera English

In photos: Gaza families live in the rubble of their bombed homes Electronic Intifada (photography by Ezz Zanoun)

Q&A: Hanin Zoabi – Israel’s “Bad Arab”Al Jazeera English

How Israel’s “smart” weapons killed disabled Gaza teenElectronic Intifada

Israel’s “open-fire policy” wiped out entire families in Gaza, says new studyElectronic Intifada

“I always thought I’d be next to die”: Gaza journalists reflect on bloody 2014Electronic Intifada

Teachers forced to equip schools at own expense as austerity bites West BankElectronic Intifada

Palestinians in Israel strike to protest police killingsElectronic Intifada

Palestinian journalists caught in “triple jeopardy”Middle East Eye

“Palestinian lives don’t count here”: nationwide strike after two killed in NegevAl Jazeera English


Report: Gaza — impunity under occupation and Palestinian journalists under fire — Doha Center for Media Freedom (starts on page 42)

Israel’s oil drilling in the occupied Golan criticised Al Jazeera English

Still reeling from summer assault, Gaza faces new Israeli threats Electronic Intifada

Pregnant woman under rubble survived deadly Israeli attack on GazaElectronic Intifada

Prisoner from Gaza barred from seeing son for nine years Electronic Intifada

Europe’s symbolic solidarity with PalestineAl Jazeera English

Displaced Gazans struggle to rebuildAl Jazeera English

How Gaza families were given just ten minutes’ warning of Israeli attacksElectronic Intifada

‘We are not citizens with equal citizenship,’ say Palestinian citizens of IsraelAl Jazeera English

Anti-Arab incitement grips IsraelAl Jazeera English

Wave of oppression targets Palestinians in IsraelThe Electronic Intifada

Tunisia’s Nidaa Tounes: Nostalgia for a past that never was? Middle East Eye (coauthored with Nouri Verghese)

“We will not be silent”: Palestinians in Israel protest cop slaying of youthAl Jazeera English

Tunisia’s small parties eye potential powerMiddle East Eye

Tunisians cautiously optimistic as elections results emergeMiddle East Eye

“We need work”: Tunisians look beyond elections from long voting lines Middle East Eye

Plights and perils of Tunisian street vendorsAl Jazeera English

Can Nidaa Tounes unite secular Tunisians? Middle East Eye

Police brutality barely mentioned at Tunisia’s elections campaignsMiddle East Eye

Voices from Tunisia: How will you vote in parliamentary elections?Middle East Eye

Will Tunisia continue its democratic march?Al Jazeera English

Tunisia struggles with security ahead of electionsMiddle East Eye

Olive trees burned as anti-Palestinian incitement grips Galilee Electronic Intifada

Palestinian Christians condemn priest for claiming Israel grants them freedomElectronic Intifada

Suha Arraf on her “stateless” Palestinian filmElectronic Intifada

Israel police brutality remains unchecked 14 years after massacre of 13 Palestinian citizensElectronic Intifada

Arabs in Israel decry racial discriminationAl Jazeera English

Gentrification threatens Acre’s PalestiniansMiddle East Eye

Campaign gives new choices to Druze youth facing Israeli conscriptionElectronic Intifada 

Golan Heights: New flashpoint in Syria war?Al Jazeera English

Israel jailed influential Palestinian writer ‘to remove him from society’ — Electronic Intifada

Residents in occupied Golan Heights fear creeping Israeli presence — Middle East Eye

Palestinians ‘suffocating’ in Jerusalem — Al Jazeera English

Palestinians in Israel and West Bank endure arrest campaign — Middle East Eye

Palestinians in Israel beaten, arrested for Gaza support — Electronic Intifada

Palestinian refugees mark one year return to destroyed village — Electronic Intifada

Tunisian voters shun upcoming elections — Al Jazeera English

Syrians living under Israeli occupation resist civil service recruitment drive — Electronic Intifada

Voices from Tunis: Insights on election transparency and security Middle East Eye

Tunisia closes door on Libya’s displaced — Al Jazeera English

Israel arrests activist for hosting Skype chat with resistance icon Leila Khaled — Electronic Intifada

Syrian students make rare return to Israeli-occupied Golan Heights Middle East Eye

Palestinians in Israel protest as anger grows  Al Jazeera English

I saw blood all over me’: Israeli gangs roam streets attacking Palestinians — AlterNet

Palestinian cartoonist sketches inspiration — Al Jazeera English

Druze refuse to join Israel’s military service Al Jazeera English

Growing up between Israeli settlements and soldiers — Report for Defense for Children International – Palestine

‘Price-tag’ attacks: the high cost Palestinian children face living near settlements AlterNet

How Israeli settlers attack kids with impunity — AlterNet

The life of Palestinian schoolchildren: terrorized by settler vigilantes and soldiers — AlterNet

This is not a test: Israeli harassment of Palestinian TV stations — Mint Press News

After reconciliation agreement, Hamas and Fatah united in press crackdown Electronic Intifada

Israeli government continuously targeting Palestinian Christian village Mint Press News

Family of slain Palestinian child to take legal action against Israel Middle East Eye

Voices from Ramallah: What do you expect from Palestinian unity? — Middle East Eye

Israel stokes tensions between Palestinian Christians and Muslims Mint Press News

Who made the bullet that killed sports-loving Palestinian boy ‘in cold blood’? Electronic Intifada

Court stops Israeli university suspension of Palestinians for commemorating the Nakba Electronic Intifada

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners take forefront as negotiations collapse — Mint Press News

WATCH: Palestinian student activists claim intimidation and excessive force during protests — Mint Press News

Israel’s relentless persecution of the Issawi family — Electronic Intifada

Is the Gates Foundation investing in the abuse of Palestinian prisoners? — Huffington Post (blog)

Palestinians celebrate Easter in reclaimed Galilee village Electronic Intifada

Palestinians challenge movement restrictions in marathon — Mint Press News

WATCH: Palestinian Christians decry Israeli restrictions ahead of Easter — Mint Press News

WATCH: Israeli forces shoot Palestinian photographer in West Bank Mint Press News

Tel Aviv University bans Palestinian speaker — Electronic Intifada

Unsuspecting victims of Israel’s ‘non-lethal’ weapons — Huffington Post (blog)

Jerusalem students face constant harassment by Israeli forces — Electronic Intifada

Israel serves eviction orders to Palestinians in world heritage city — Electronic Intifada

Palestinian journalists decry intimidation — Al Jazeera English

Acre blast victims rely on neighbours’ help Al Jazeera English

After 25 days in solitary, prison concedes to teen’s hunger strike — Defense for Children International – Palestine

“Jerusalem child threatened with sodomy, placed under house arrest” – Defense for Children International – Palestine

Living in fear in Hebron — Al Jazeera English

SodaStream controversy continues to bubble Al Jazeera English 

Palestinians dodge Israeli soldiers to retake village in occupied West Bank Electronic Intifada 

Settler-driven archaeology project threatens to push Hebron family off farmland — Electronic Intifada

Israel to destroy another Haifa neighborhood, evict Palestinian residents” Electronic Intifada

Last Palestinian family vows to remain as Israel gentrifies historic Haifa neighborhood Electronic Intifada 

Israel ‘tried to brainwash us,’ says Druze pioneer who refused army service — Electronic Intifada


Thousands of Jerusalem children denied basic services by Israel — Electronic Intifada

Community which confronted Israeli killer suffered years of harassment Electronic Intifada

Anti-Muslim slogans spray-painted on mosque in Palestinian village — Electronic Intifada

Taking direct action against Israel’s racist marriage law — Electronic Intifada

Palestinian prisoner’s health worsens after 210 days of refusing food Electronic Intifada

Israel detains Palestinian leftist without trial — Electronic Intifada

Jailed by Israel for his cartoons, Mohammad Saba’aneh speaks out — Electronic Intifada

US Christian Zionists plan to take over Palestinian university in Israel Electronic Intifada 

Palestinian lawyer faces Israeli jail for ‘organizing demonstrations’Electronic Intifada

We’ll never forget October 1956 massacre, say Palestinians in Israel Electronic Intifada

Armed settlers attack mosque, burn cars in West Bank village Electronic Intifada, (coauthored with Dylan Collins).

Six-year-old loses eye from bullets Israel promised to phase out Electronic Intifada (coauthored with Dylan Collins).

Israel’s residency regime causes ‘silent transfer’ from Jerusalem Electronic Intifada 

Israel bans veteran campaigner for Palestinian prisoners from the West Bank Electronic Intifada

Palestinian Authority cracks down amid criticism of renewed negotiations Mint Press News

Despite peace talks, Kurdish rifts persist in Turkey Mint Press News

 Palestinian family trapped in home as blaze raged at Israeli chemical factory Electronic Intifada

Israel escalates attacks on UN agency after killing employee during raid — Electronic Intifada

Is Lebanon on the brink? Mint Press News

Israel forced me to destroy my own home, says Jerusalem father -Electronic Intifada 

A grim future for released Palestinian prisoners Mint Press News

“This return is permanent”–refugees’ grandchildren defy Israel with Galilee camp Electronic Intifada

Hunger striker denied right to call his dying father Electronic Intifada

Is Israel entering negotiations with Palestine in good faith? Mint Press News

Israeli plan to evict Bedouins casts doubt on renewed peace talks Mint Press News

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