Patrick O. Strickland – Independent Journalist



Athens, Greece: Discussion on refugee rights in Greece and access to education – Moving Docs


Refugees in Belgrade face extreme cold – CTV (Canada)

Indigenous struggles in the US and Standing Rock protests – Al Jazeera’s NewsGrid (starts at 38:25)

Typhoid outbreak latest catastrophe for Palestinians besieged Yarmouk refugee camp — The Real News Network

Is Israel moving farther to the right? — Global Journalist program

Israeli elections on #WorldBrief with@CaroMT — HuffPost Live

Israeli elections: first exit polls — HuffPost Live


Al Jazeera’s Debrief podcast – The Antifa Granny 

Patrick Strickland on Syria for Monocle 24’s The Daily (Starts around 5 minutes)

Patrick Strickland on Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon (Unauthorized Disclosure)

“Patrick O. Strickland on Israel’s arrests of Palestinian children” (Starts at 31 minutes)
Patrick O. Strickland on Israel’s crackdown in West Bank after three Israeli youth go missing (starts at 35 minutes)
“Patrick O. Strickland on Israel’s impunity and the killing of Palestinian teens”
“Patrick O. Strickland on Israel’s housing demolitions of Palestinian homes in Haifa”

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