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MEE: Tunisia’s Nidaa Tounes: Nostalgia for a past that never was?

Nidaa Tounes, Tunisia’s largest secular party, won a plurality in the parliamentary elections by promising to restore glory to Tunisia by returning to Habib Bourguiba’s principles. But is this mere nostalgia for an imagined past? (Photo: Emir Sfaxi)

I teamed up with freelance journalist Nouri Verghese for a story over at Middle East Eye. We examine Tunisia’s largest secular party, Nidaa Tounes, and its internal contradictions and anti-democratic tendencies.

“We view Nidaa Tounes as a reaction only,” Hayet Hamdi, central committee member of the leftist Popular Front, told Middle East Eye. “There is nothing that unites their political or economic views internally. Yet the capitalist and business tycoon elements within Nidaa Tounes have a louder voice.”

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