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MEE: Gentrification threatens Acre’s Palestinians

As developers try to change the face of the historic Old City and state-owned housing companies issue evacuation orders, Palestinians in Acre are struggling to stay in their homes. (AFP)

In my latest feature report at Middle East Eye, I examine the ongoing process of gentrification in Acre (Akka), a historic city on present-day Israel’s coast.

Umm Ahmed, 76, is a well-known figure in the local community. Born and raised in Acre, she has lived in her coastal home in the Old City since 1968, when her and her late husband married and moved in. They raised ten children there. Yet in April she received an evacuation order stating that a luxury hotel would be built atop her home.

Since that time, a large solidarity campaign has risen to keep Umm Ahmed in her home, and to struggle aside Palestinians facing the disastrous consequences of widespread gentrification in Acre.

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