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AJE: Tunisia voters shun upcoming elections

For my latest Al Jazeera English story, I spoke to several Tunisians about the first-ever parliamentary and presidential elections, scheduled in October and November respectively. During the recent registration period, only around 760,000 of four million previously unregistered voters signed up to vote this fall. 

As I wrote in the article: 

According to Human Rights Watch, Tunisians have experienced widespread political exhaustion as a result of a struggling post-revolutionary economy and more than three years of political turmoil, including political assassinations that killed two major opposition figures, popular left-wing politician Shokri Belaid and progressive leader Mohamed Brahimi.

A 2014 HRW country profile noted that their assassinations “caused widespread shock and sparked a political crisis that saw the [National Constituent Assembly] suspended for two months”. The report further added that since the revolution the progress in human rights has been “hampered” by “the delay in adopting a new constitution consistent with international human rights law and standards, the retention of the former regime’s repressive legal arsenal, and attempts by the executive branch to control media and prosecute speech offences”. 

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