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EI: Syrians living under Israeli occupation resist civil service recruitment

A destroyed home in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. (Photo: Patrick Strickland)

(Photo: Patrick Strickland — a demolished Syrian home in an ethnically-cleansed area of the Golan Heights)

My latest Electronic Intifada report investigates attempts by Zionist NGOs to recruit Syrians in the occupied Golan Heights for civil service. 

Recruiters for Aminadav, an organization dedicated to promoting religious Zionism and civil service among communities that do not serve in Israel’s occupation army, showed up late last year to enroll Syrian students from villages in the occupied Golan Heights. 

Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese lands violates international law. Golan-based activists told me that the civil service recruitment drive is an attempt to exploit the ongoing bloodshed of the Syrian civil war in order to strengthen the institutions of occupation in the Golan. 

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