Patrick O. Strickland – Independent Journalist

AJE: Palestinians in Israel protest as anger grows

Palestinians in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat carry the body of murdered teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir. (Photo: Dylan Collins)

My latest Al Jazeera English feature story examines the growing protests among Palestinian citizens of Israel in villages, towns and cities across the country. Though it was published two weeks ago, those demonstrations continue to spread. Yesterday in Nazareth, a Palestinian city in the Galilee region of the country’s north, Israeli police forces attacked a Gaza solidarity demonstration with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets.

My article also touches on the arrests of high-ranking political leaders from the Palestinian minority inside Israel. As Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip — which has killed more than 400 Palestinians thus far — continues to expand, it is likely that Palestinians in Israel and the occupied West Bank will also intensify their protests against it.